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    Hello From Nashville!

    My Name is Jessica Savage and I am a Nursing Instructor for Belmont University. I have been a nurse for 12 years and teaching for 8. I am certified as a Women's Health NP, but really found my calling when I started teaching clinical. I love Nursing Education and bedside care and being a clinical instructor was just the thing. Mainly I teach clinical for the Introduction To Nursing course, which is the first clinical experience in our BSN program. I get to see and hear about my students' first experience with patients, the light bulbs going off and the budding enthusiasm of a new nurse EVERYDAY

    Last year one of my fellow faculty suggested I got to the SPHM Conference in Arizona. I was blown away, by what people were doing in the area of SPHM and could not wait to bring it back to my colleagues and clinical institutions. Coincidentally, last summer, I also took on a new role as an Embedded Clinical Nurse Faculty which gives me an opportunity to do more work with the nurses and staff on the unit I also bring my students to. So what am I working on with my unit you ask? SPHM and Fall Prevention!! My dream is that this unit becomes a leader in their facility and organization in the area of SPHM, and that I can be a key influence in helping them provide excellent care to their patients and provide a safe working environment for nurses and staff!

    When I lift you lift we lift.jpgI have attached my favorite SPHM meme which I displayed for students at the beginning of one of their labs where we introduced them to various lift equipment and fundamental transfer techniques. Along with my meme I played a music only version of Da' Dip that the meme is referring to, until I was told our SPHM party was distracting to other classrooms....whoops!! What can I say, SPHM gets me excited!

    I am looking forward to learning from so many knowledgeable people in this forum and sharing experiences for what has worked to improve SPHM in all areas!
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    Jessica Savage MSN RN
    Embedded Clinical Faculty
    Belmont University School of Nursing